Gratitude practice – Say thanks everyday!

Gratitude practice – Say thanks everyday!

Gratitude practice is a very important part of my early morning routine. Living life from a place of gratitude makes us more peaceful and it helps us recognize all the beauty in our life, which we may otherwise not notice.

Starting your day with gratitude is the most awesome thing you can do. I was keeping a daily gratitude journal last year and it used to feel awesome… As a part of the journaling ritual I would write every morning three things that I felt grateful for. This can also be done end of day as a retrospective excercise.

I do not do not journal on this regularly any more but do it whenever I feel called to. Also in times of overwhelm or feeling deprived I practice gratitude. It is an instant reminder of the many blessings in my life.

Of course it is important to feel every word you write or say to make the whole process meaningful. Sorry and thank you are very hollow words unless you really feel them when you say them.

Also every day expressing gratitude isn’t as simple as it sounds. When I would sit with my journal every morning I had be at a total loss of words. Sometimes I had be feeling awful and in that state gratitude was the last thing possible for me. It helped me dive deeper and that helped me see things I was otherwise missing. Like the smell of spring, or the voice of cuckoo declaring summers.

Naikan is a wonderful reflection method which came up in Japan. In this method we think of a specific person and time and try to answer What the person gave us? What we gave him in return? and What discomfort we caused that person? This is done as a daily practice for 10 to 15 minutes.

How Gratitude Practice helped me:

  1. It made me feel less anxious. I was focused on what I have in life rather than what I lack.
  2. It made me grounded.
  3. I felt more happy through the day. By connecting with things that I was thankful for I was automatically letting go of the negative emotions.
  4. I also felt that I attracted more blessings from the universe. In fact many people who regularly express gratitude feel they are blessed, they have their prayers answered even before they have the chance to realise it.
  5. It results in a change of mindset. Like I mentioned it takes effort to seek things in life that make us

Gratitude Journaling

If writing is your thing, and in case of gratitude practice I had suggest that even if you are not much into writing you must journal. That ways you will go much more deeper into what you are feeling grateful for. And it is important to go deep and personal when it comes to gratitude. Some easy prompts you can journal in your gratitude journal are:

  1. I am grateful to myself….
  2. I am grateful for my body….
  3. Gratitude to family, friends, loved ones and support system
  4. Something that made you smile/laugh
  5. The music
  6. Something in the nature
  7. Blessings
  8. a product that you use
  9. What helps you relax
  10. Memories
  11. Opportunities
  12. Basic needs met..

These are just some ideas. You have to really introspect. Sharing some examples from my journal to give you a better idea….

  1. Gratitude towards the birds chirping early morning
  2. The flowers that bloom on my terrace garden
  3. Shelter of a home in the bad weather
  4. Another child playing with my daughter
  5. The pet we have
  6. Difficult times that made me a better person.
  7. The family that I am blessed with
  8. The food on my plate
  9. The comfort of home
  10. People who love and support me…..

These are a few examples. Of course over a period of 90 days when I practiced gratitude journaling my endeavor was to not repeat. But yes it then involved tiny things like the weather that day.

Another beautiful way of practicing gratitude is to actually say thanks to the people in your life. We take small acts of kindness for granted. If instead we say thank you, from the heart, we will see a change in emotions and wee would pass on the positivity to the other person.

Look in the day for opportunity to thank the people around you. Thank your parents, your kids, your spouse, your friends, people who work for you and with you. The more you spread this feeling of gratitude the more you will receive the positivity.

Would end saying that gratitude practice is not easy, but it is totally worth it. You have to experience it to feel the deep benefits of this practice. Do share your experience in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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