Journaling prompts for a month of Self Discovery!

Journaling prompts for a month of Self Discovery!

Journaling is the awesome way of bringing what is on your mind to paper and diffusing it. It is an awesome practice to start your day with, or to take up anytime during the day. It can be an excellent way to self discovery. Do also read the post below that I wrote for beginners in Journaling.

Journaling – Why and How to begin? – Ruchika Sandell

We rarely think of what we are all about. But journaling for self discovery can give you a beautiful insight into what your inner core holds. It can help you understand yourself better. It can resolve inner conflicts and bring out the best in you.

Even though it is a beautiful practice the lack of inspiration makes it difficult to start journaling or what to write day in and out. I made this list of 30 journaling prompts to give you some inspiration.

To help you not get confused which one to pick each day, I advice, either go as per the date and the number mentioned here. Or you could write them on a paper and put them in a jar. Each time pick a slip from the jar and journal on what prompt you get.

  1. What does a beautiful life mean to you?
  2. What is the relevance of love in your life
  3. ten things that bring an instant smile to my face.
  4. Twenty positive adjectives that describe you.
  5. What are you most grateful for in your life
  6. Most beautiful day in your life was….
  7. Whom would you like to forgive and what holds you back?
  8. What do you judge yourself on? What would it take for you to stop doing that? How would you feel when you fully and unconditionally love yourself?
  9. What would you like to achieve in the next one year? How would it make your life better?
  10. What habits of yours are you proud of?
  11. What were your learnings from your biggest mistake?
  12. You feel happiest when……
  13. What are the three most valuable things in your life
  14. How would you like to see yourself 20 years from now?
  15. What is an ideal day for you?
  16. If you were to die soon what are the three things you would want to do before you die ( no constraints)
  17. One event in your life that changed you as a person
  18. What makes you most angry and frustrated and why?
  19. What are you struggling with today?
  20. Three important life lessons
  21. Your fears that stop you from achieving your goals? How can you let go of these fears? How would you feel once you disperse these fears?
  22. Make a bucket list…. No constraints… just dream on…
  23. Who are you grateful for in your life
  24. Your favourite vacation?
  25. What is your fantasy? Go on and dream…. sky is the limit. Remember words have wings
  26. What energizes you the most?
  27. What advice would you give yourself five or ten years ago?
  28. Write five affirmations to use when you are feeling low. Make a beautiful artwork and keep it somewhere for reference.
  29. What makes you feel cared for?
  30. Five things that you did and are most proud of.

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