Second Serve by Aparna Aggarwal – Book Review

Second Serve by Aparna Aggarwal – Book Review

Second Serve by Aparna Aggarwal is a beautiful romantic story. It has been quite a while since I read a romance, and this was a very pleasant change. Romance is my favourite genre.

Second Serve is the story of Abhimanyu Walia a Grand Slam champion who is at a very difficult point of his life. His career is at stake due to a knee injury. He is also going through a separation in his marriage.

Ragini is not just his wife, but the friend who has been a guiding light ever since he started climbing the ladder. They met 16 years ago and it is the most beautiful relationship one can imagine. But no relationship is perfect…. not till we make efforts…

Sometimes we take a loved one too much for granted. Their presence in our life thus looses its true value to us. Ragini supported Abhimanyu all through his career. She opted to marry her out of her feelings for him. But he never really understood the role she played in his life.

It takes her absence for Abhimanyu to realise her value in his life. His career and his marriage is both at stake.

Ragini has with great difficulty now finally managed to move ahead in her life. But dutybound as a friend and a wife she goes back to be around till he recovers from the surgery, with promises to safeguard her own heart.

The book very beautifully moves between the past of how they met and the present where they finally reunite. Fast paced and engrossing you will totally love this.

Second Serve is a wonderfully told story. I was glued to the book for the two days that I was reading it and I just put it aside for doing my basic duties.

If you are a fan of romance…. this one is absolutely going to warm up your heart. It is a perfect read for the romantic souls. And it also has wonderful relationship advice… to not take for granted the one’s in our life.

Do read it and share how did you like it. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Trinanjana

    I read this book couple of months back and enjoyed it. And i really feel for Ragini and how strong she emerged out!!!

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