A History of Objects by Carlo Pizzati – A Book Review

A history of Objects is a very interesting and different book. A compilation of short stories, what is unique about this book is that each story revolves around an object.
And yes I love short stories, because they do not engage you like a full fledged fiction. A story is good to finish in a sitting or two

The name of the story is the object that the story is woven around. And it was quite interesting especially for some objects as to what would the story be around those objects.

Some stories are quite simple but there are others that are thought provoking. Even in their simplicity the stories are something you can relate to. Though I am sure with the wide variety of stories what I could relate to, would be different from what you had feel connected to.

One of my favourite stories was “The Smartphone”. It is something so many of us may relate to. How the device that connects us actually disconnects us from the people right next to us, the moment that we are living and the person we are supposed to be. How everything becomes a pretense.

The Candy box, Tha Mask are some other stories that I remember top of the mind and that I totally enjoyed.

The stories in ” A History of objects” are very current. There are references of the epidemic, mask and sanitiser, which makes them even more relatable.

Carlo Pizzati is an award winning multi language author. This is his first book that I have read and I quiet liked it. It surely is a wonderful one time read. With so many books out there and so little time at hand, there are some very rare ones that go to my list of “wana read again”

Do read and share how you liked this one and your favourite story. You may buy the book here on Amazon.

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