A Price to Love by Smita Das Jain – Book Review

A Price to Love by Smita Das Jain

A Price to love to begin with seemed like another romantic novel. But now having completed it I totally stand to differ.

It is a book about complex human relationships. And to me it was a lesson why we must not judge people for the choices they make in life or their actions. Whatever one does has a lot of background to it and surprisingly even the person who is involved in the action is mostly not aware of the real reason why they do something.

Coming from a yoga philosophy pov, I know that every individual wants to maximise their happiness and/or minimise their suffering. So what may not seem right to us may actually be more than justified to the other.

Sonia, the central character of the novel A Price to love, is an ambitious, hard working, intelligent woman. She met her husband at IIM Ahmedabad while pursuing her MBA. They get married in a haste and for the wrong reasons perhaps. Her ambitious career goals become a roadblock to their happily married life. They grow apart and it is worth pondering if it was only because of her career ambitions or there was more to it?

Her husband loves her unconditionally, well almost, and is one of her pillars to strength. I did end up judging Sonia at some point in the story… which unfortunately is human nature.

A Price to love has been one of the fastest finished books I read in recent times. I mostly read non -fiction and even romance does not excite me much any longer ( shit am I getting old!!). But this one was really good. I guess one of the reason I loved it was it is a woman’s story, and though not in entirety but in bits and pieces I could connect with Sonia.

A Price to love for me was an awesome one time read and I highly recommend it. It would keep you hooked till the end. Definitely do read it!

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