Affirmations – All you Need to Know

Affirmations can be extremely powerful. It puts a positive intention within your sub conscious mind and at the same time sends a message to the universe. If you have not been starting your day with an affirmation, you must try doing it. It can also be good to end your day with an affirmation. Beginning of the day they set a positive tone to the day, they give you the courage, enthusiasm or go getter feel… or whatever it is that you need. End of the day, just before you sleep, they go into your sub conscious and work deep within.

Mindset is what makes all the difference. And affirmations have a great impact on our mindset. And once your mindset is right, you can achieve anything and everything.

I started using affirmations a couple of years ago. I started using it when I was challenged in parenting my 2 year old daughter all by myself. I was overwhelmed and I found myself losing my cool. I wanted to respond to her with love and compassion and that became my first affirmation. I cannot even tell you how it worked like a magic and I can say that because while I was on my path to that permanent inner shift, I did feel the difference on days I toook the affirmation and the ones I did not. Of course we are a work in progress, so I often need to take up the affirmation even now.

Now a days I always end my yoga and meditation practice with an affirmation. It is a permanent part of my daily morning practice. And I also say my affirmations during the day, if I feel called to do so.

An affirmation is like a tiny seed, which is planted into your sub conscious. Post meditation and a yoga practice can be a very fertile time to plant this seed of positivity. At that time you are in the most positive mindset and also in the present moment. Do check out this post of mine if you have been wanting to start meditation but do not know how to get started.

Positive Affirmation are not merely some quotes or positive sentences. These powerful statements can have a huge impact on your brain language. Many a times when we want to do something the negative thoughts that run in the background hinder our progress. Even though consciously we are making a lot of efforts to get ahead, the subconscious mind is not positive of success and that acts as a big roadblock.

It is said that where attention goes energy flows. So if you want energy to flow in the areas where you want growth and abundance, you must send positive nurturing thoughts there, so it leads to positive energy. Affirmations can be an excellent way to do that!

Louise Hay in her bestselling book, ” You can heal your Life” talks of the life saving power of affirmations. She says that negative thinking is the cause of many health problems. Affirmations and other positive thoughts based approaches can help heal physical as well as emotional wounds.

Not every quotation qualifies for a Affirmation. For your brain to register the affirmation appropriately, it is important that the following three elements are present:

  1. It must be stated in the present tense. Brain does not communicate in past or future. It only takes everything as in this moment. So even though you are getting worried thinking of the events of next week, the reactions in your brain and as a result in your physical body will happen right now, when that event has not even occurred and may never really happen like you are imagining it.
  2. It obviously must be stated in the positive. Also meaning thereby that it must not make use of words like no, not or any other negative word.
  3. It is a statement of fact or truth. So generally it would use a word like “am”. You believe it to be true and not say it as a hope.

How Affirmations Work:

When we feel bad over something, many a times that has not even really happened. Like we may be worried over what XYZ is saying, and we keep thinking it up and feeling terrible. So when even nothing happens and just by our thoughts we can feel so terrible. In the same manner we can think good thoughts and make ourselves feel good.

Affirmations are a conscious step towards taking action to tell the brain what to think. If you were not to do, that some random thought is going to come and overpower your day, your thoughts. By taking an affirmation you are sort of setting the sail in a direction you want the ship of your thoughts to travel.

Repetition is Important

The brain responds and remembers well when you repeat it. For example when you do something for first time it needs a bit of effort and slowly it becomes an habbit and happens effortlessly. Affirmations when repeated become a part of you. You will feel and see major shifts happen in you as you keep affirming.

We also may find it uncomfortable to say something when we know it is not true. But say it with utmost beleif. And know that “you got to fake it till you make it!”

Affirmations also work with the law of attraction. Saying and believing good makes good happen. And you can affirm for anything that you want good health, happiness, better state of mind, abundance, love. Just frame a sentence keeping in mind the three elements as mentioned above. Every healing system be it Reiki, Pranic healing, crystal healing, it works with affirming, setting a positive intention.

How to Practice Affirmations

Choose affirmations that you can resonate with. Write the affirmations you want to work with immediately on a paper. At a time do not choose too many affirmations to work with. Say them with all you heart, feeling them with every cell of your body. Your innermost feelings, your intentions are very important. Practice them daily. I love to practice them as part of my morning routine. Also as a mom my own favourite affirmation is I am loving and compassionate. And I choose to say it to myself every time I feel overwhelmed during the day. Every time I feel I am not addressing my daughter the way I would want me to.

I have this wonderful printable for affirmations. You can print it out and use them daily. Here are few ways that you may use them in!

  1. They are 30 cards so you can use them over a period of 30 days. Work with one card each day. Set the affirmation at the start of the day and reflect at it a couple of times through the day.
  2. Pick one or two cards each day for setting your affirmations
  3. Or you can keep a set of cards that you feel drawn to around you and read them no of times during the day.
  4. You can also read all the cards every day as a part of your morning routine.

Apart for this you can use any affirmation that you feel resonated to. I am also sharing a list below based on different purpose that one may have. But none of these lists is exhaustive. The best affirmation of course always is the one that comes from deep within you.

Affirmations For Love

  1. I am worthy of Love and joy.
  2. I attract loving and caring people in my life
  3. I am thankful for the love in my life
  4. I happily give and receive love each day.
  5. I love myself and I allow myself to be loved.
  6. I feel comfortable expressing my feelings and needs.
  7. I am compassionate and loving

Affirmations for Moms

  1. I am a blessing for my family
  2. I love being a mom
  3. I am a good mom.
  4. I am calm
  5. I am brave and courageous
  6. I can do it all. one thing at a time.
  7. I am doing the best I can
  8. It is okay to ask for help
  9. My child does not need me to be perfect, they only need me.
  10. I do not need to control my children, only gently and lovingly guide them.

Affirmations for Abundance

  1. I love my life and I am grateful for it
  2. Prosperity is drawn tome
  3. I have unlimited abundance
  4. I am always supplied with whatever I need
  5. I am open to receive all opportunities universe sends me

Affirmations for Good health

  1. I nourish my body with healthy choices
  2. I am grateful for good health and happiness
  3. My body is getting lean and fit.
  4. My body is getting stronger and healthier each day.
  5. My body has remarkable healing abilities.
  6. My health is my priority

Affirmations for Self Love

  1. I take care of my body, mind and soul
  2. My life is beautiful
  3. I prioritize self care
  4. I make time for things that nourish my soul
  5. I am becoming the best version of me]
  6. I am worthy of love and admiration
  7. Peace and joy are filling my life
  8. I believe in myself

I hope this helps you start an affirmation practice. It is a simple practice and really magical. I find it immensely beneficial to keep myself positive and bring the changes in my life the way I want.


I am a health enthusiast, healer and an artist and apart for these most importantly i am mommy to an angel and wife to a gentleman. I use to teach management graduates but post my daughter happened my time at home gave me chance to explore my other passions. Now as she is 5 year old I am still not ready to leave her and return to work.

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