Covid 2020.. Does it make you Anxious to be in Lockdown?

Schools are closed, malls are closed, market is shutting down it seems like the end of world. Does Covid2019 make you anxious? Yes for me, it makes me very anxious. But then I think, would being anxious help? Is there something good that I can make out of this? Do I have to remain in this state of anxiousness or do I have a better choice? And I realise that the situation isn’t really that bad! Here I am sharing with you some simple things you can include in your routine to reduce anxiety.

Last night when my husband had to leave to travel, first by a train and then by a plane, it almost felt like he was going on war. Sitting in isolation constantly reading the news of what is happening out there makes me very very anxious. But I have a choice! I do not need to be constantly trying to update myself on what is happening.

And the truth of the situation is that it will not be so bad if we take our precautions. We must follow the hygiene guidelines and also confine ourselves indoors for as long as authorities ask us to. We would need to venture out for basic purchases, in that case just follow the guidelines and keep yourself safe. Also try avoiding kids outside as kids touch everything and then also take their hands to face.

But then being home all day is another challenge most of us are not used to. Yes the family is together and we have time like never before but that is something new for us and we don’t know how to deal with it. Also the uncertainty of future makes us very restless and anxious. But like I said just bring your focus to the present and how you can make it the best possible time. Just doing that will help you reduce anxiety manifold.

Step one – Start your Day as Usual

So I decided to not let my daughters vacations(though vacations really isn’t an apt word for these untimely holidays) upset my schedule for the day. I decided to start my day early and sleep in time to again wake early next day and follow my meditation, chanting and workout routine. I decided to keep my alarm on. This would keep me active, free from anxiety and in a much better state to enjoy the day with my daughter.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I forget to take precautions. I must take all the possible precautions. I must isolate myself and my child, and stay safe at home. But I can make it like a usual day for us. A day with plans. A day with a list of things to do. And just that little shift in focus from what is going all bad with the world to how i can make my world inside my home a busy happy and happening place, made me feel so much better.

Also meditation and a good workout would keep my immunity high and my state of mind positive. So I wake up early, walk the dog and sit down for my chanting and meditation. I follow it with a good workout mix of HIIT and yoga. YouTube has many home workout options my favorite being Fitness Blender.

Step Two – Routine for the Child

Also I wanted my daughter to have a good time at home. So I decided to be better prepared and ready with a plan for her each day. I spoke to her and we decided to make a schedule. Thanks to many awesome online education options for kids and so many free printable, keeping a child positively occupied isn’t too much of a task. I decided to use scholastic. They have a very awesome 20 day program for kids missing school. The content is educative and fun for the kids. My daughter loved it. They have an awesome daily plan for kids stuck at home to keep them entertained while they learn. Do check it out.

I have a mix of regular academic work and some fun activities that she enjoys. Apart for this clay, sand colouring books and tons of free play and crazy dance routines fill up our day. We dont start the day lazy. Like a regular school day we bathe as soon as we wake up.

If you have a small child at home and are looking for activities to keep them engaged, do read this awesome post on Learning through some fun activities.

Another very useful resource for me has been this website called sharing our experiences. It has awesome ideas for kids crafts and activities. You can also chck their website for free worksheets and also some paid ones(which are very reasonable really and worth every penny you would be spending. Also Flintobox provides a very good way to engage your child and keep them away from the screen. I have personally used it for my daughter and loved it. You may read a review here.

Meditate and Yoga to Reduce Anxiety

Both meditation and yoga are extremely effective ways to combat anxiety. You must include these in your morning routine. Being home all day is bound to make you anxious. India is just in stage 2 and looking at what some developed countries underwent it really makes me anxious how my country will deal with it. The attitude of people is so scary. Not wanting to get tested, escaping from authorities.

What happens outside is not in my control but what happens inside is in my control. Meditation reduces stress and induces positivity thereby also improving your immunity. Which is a very important thing given the contagious nature of the flu. I am not so sure how much we can avert it, but we must prepare ourselves for the worst, which is to fight the virus in case we get infected.

So exercise, yoga and meditation are a must. A positive attitude and zero stress, well almost.

If you are new to meditation and would like to begin but do not know how, I wrote this post to make Meditating simple for beginners.

Indulge in what makes you happy

You have to be at home, why not make time for something you love to do. Paint, learn a new skill read something you have been wanting to. Is not this the perfect time where you cannot complaint to not have time.

Our biggest reason for not being able to pursue things is that we lack time. But right now we have the time. Step out and be with nature, be with yourself.

I lately came to know about how you can play games, especially Ludo is very popular, on an app with friends across the globe. This can be a very good way to interact with friends and keep yourself engaged. Do read a review about the online Ludo App that a blogger friend recently shared and if that is something that appeals to you, do give it a shot!

Boost your immunity and follow the guidelines

Work on boosting your boosting your immunity. When you will shift your focus on doing the right things, you will be more confident about handling the situation and feel positive. Working in right direction will reduce stress and thus your immunity will be high. Have vitamin C supplements and as much as possible in natural form. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep away from junk food and also sugar. Sugar is supposed to seriously hamper your immunity, so do keep a check. Eating healthy home made food is what is needed to make your body stronger.

Also do follow the guidelines of WHO. Wash hand often and properly. Carry a mask and sanitize if you have to venture out. Spend time with family and minimise or avoid social interactions.

So all you need to do is to reduce stress so your immunity is high. For that avoid constantly updating yourself. Bring a routine to your day. Indulge in workout, yoga , meditation etc. Have a routine for the rest of your household. Keep yourself busy and enjoy doing things that give you happiness and lastly but most important eat healthy home cooked food.

Future is not in our control but present is and it is important that we make the best of this present. Stay happy and make use of this time to connect with family and within. Hope your journey is smooth and the world overcomes this soon!


I am a health enthusiast, healer and an artist and apart for these most importantly i am mommy to an angel and wife to a gentleman. I use to teach management graduates but post my daughter happened my time at home gave me chance to explore my other passions. Now as she is 5 year old I am still not ready to leave her and return to work.

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