Crystals that You must Have in your house

Crystals that You must Have in your house

Crystals are very beautiful. Anyone who looks at them cannot stop without a second glance. Obviously the power house of energy that they are, they are bound to attract the onlooker.

Since I have been an energy worker and a reiki healer for a long time, I have been always attracted to them. Some 20 years back when I did my level 1 of reiki course my reiki guru had a wonderful collection of crystals. But sadly I was not sure where to get the authentic crystals from. I bought a few pieces here and there and then life took over.

I started collecting crystals majorly some 2 years back and then went for an in depth study about crystals. I was amazed at the beautiful variety that mother earth has bestowed upon us.

What are Crystals.

Crystals are found in earth or sometimes deep inside the sea. Having been connected to earth for ages they carry the earth’s DNA. They are storehouse of energy and can absorb, retain as well as emit energy.

When earth’s minerals cooled down over years the molecules attached together in a certain repetitive manner creating crystals. This process of molecules coming together and connecting in a certain repetitive pattern is called crystallization. Different crystals vary in their mineral composition as well as the pattern of molecules within them.

In last 2 years I have been exposed to and meditated with over 100 crystals. Some of them very high energy and very rare crystals. I also have them in my collection.

My house has crystals scattered all over. There is hardly any corner of the house that does not have crystals. I love wearing crystal jewllery, meditating with them. My passion for crystals makes me a collector, but not everyone would wanyt to have so many crystals in their house. And it makes sense to keep and connect with crystals that suit your needs.

So if a friend who is a beginner were to approach me and ask me what crystals must I keep around my house, these are the ones I had recommend. These are my top favourite. They are the most basic and easily available and yet their energies are beautiful.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz wonderfully resonates with the heart chakra. So obviously it is an excellent crystal for matters of the heart. It is effective for healing relationships and easing out the strains in relations and dissolving emotional blockages. It helps develop feelings of compassion love and joy. It helps understand and embrace universal love and opening ourselves up to embrace unconditional love.

I have often connected with rose quartz in my parenting journey to be able to develop more understanding and compassion towards my child.

This is one crystal I love to keep all over my house and I feel it is a must have for every home. Of course who does not want vibrations of unconditional love around their house. I also have a beautiful pair of mandarin ducks in Rose Quartz. Apart for the fact that they are absolutely gorgeous to look at, they also help enhance and attract love and passion in a couple. They are also known as love ducks.

I also keep a raw rose quartz stone on my daughters study table with the intention to develop in her the feelings of empathy, unconditional love and compassion, things that our mankind needs the most. Also naturally I find her attracted to the beautiful pink of rose quartz.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is widely used as a protection crystal. It helps shed your old belief systems and infuses fearlessness. Black tourmaline creates a strong protection around you from all negative energies, including those that you may have manifested consciously or unconsciously

I have kept raw black tourmaline pieces around the house. Each room has one piece of black tourmaline. Apart for this I have these beautiful black tourmaline grapes hanging by my front door.


Selenite is my absolute favourite in all crystals. I cannot say why exactly, but I love the energies I feel in the presence of Selenite. It can have an instantaneous calming effect.

This is one crystal which is extremely delicate. It literally melts in water. The first time I received selenite scales, I did the mistake of washing them in water and I actually saw it melt!

I have a beautiful big beads bracelet of selenite. I love to wear it, though I avoid it in extreme sweaty months! But I always keep it near my bedside. I also have Selenite scales placed beneath our mattress. Selenite is wonderful for a good nights sleep. I also use selenite to clear my tarot cards or generally for cleansing anything.

Since selenite depicts pure white light it is the best crystal you can keep to cleanse other crystals too. When you connect with it, you would feel a beautiful calm sweep over you within seconds.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the beautiful crystal that resonates with every chakra. It amplifies all energy and can also be used in conjugation with other crystals to multiply their energies. It may be used for any purpose. It is also referred to as the master crystal. Like its beautiful clear appearance, it takes on any intention that the user has.

This also is a very soothing crystal. I have a beautiful clear quartz angel in my living area. You could use this beautiful crystal in your meditative practice, or around your work area.


Amethyst is beautiful violet coloured crystal that resonates with the crown chakra and the third eye. This crystal bring awareness towards the purpose of life. I have connected to this crystal to release stress and anxiety. It is the crystal for spiritual advancements and I also feel it brings a spiritual calm to my house.

Another crystal that I love to use around my yoga and meditation space. I also love to have this crystal around my work area. It helps me connect divinely with the beautiful work that I do.

Another wonderful crystal to help you with a good sleep. If you have trouble sleeping you may place it near your bed or under your pillow.

Amethyst tends to fade in sun so one needs to protect it from direct sunlight exposure.


Citrine is the crystal generally associated with abundance success and prosperity and is said to be the crystal for manifestation. I keep a citrine coaster around my work space. This is also a favorite crystal of mine when it comes to personal use in jewelry. I regularly wear a pair of beautiful raw crystal earrings. Another is the citrine bracelet which is a favorite in my collection of crystal bracelets.

Citrine resonates with the solar plexus. It is the crystal associated with strength, confidence, action and determination. It balances the fire element of the individual. It brings the energy of the sun into your life. It helps dissolve psychological issues pertaining to oneself. It is another crystal that does not require any cleansing.

These uses mentioned here for each crystals should not be a limiting factor to how you use a crystal. As I have learnt from my teacher, one must connect to the crystal and feel what the crystal tells us and how we use them is an open field. We limit the crystals by defining uses for them, whereas these precious earth gifts can be limitless in their healing power.

When you have crystals at home you must also cleanse them regularly. The easiest way to cleanse a crystal is by washing it under flowing tap water or under the full moon light.

I have a beautiful collection of crystals in my online crystal shop and if you buy from me I would send you reiki charged and programmed crystals to meet you purpose. I would also guide you on buying the right crystal to suit your needs and help you on cleansing them and taking care of them in future.

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