“I Hate My Curly Hair” -Beautiful learning for kids -Book Review

Reading the wonderful book, I hate my curly hair!
Reading ” I hate my curly hair” first thing in morning after breakfast and bath!

We, as you would already know, are ardent book lovers. “I hate my curly hair” reached us late in the night, and inspite all the Corona scare, I (or rather we) could not wait to open it up and start reading. Normally I receive my packages in the morning and leave them in the sun. But we definitely could not wait for the next day. This wonderful book by Divya Anand is absolutely must read for every child.

“I hate my curly hair” is a very unique story. It touches a very important aspect relevant to young children – body consciousness. The story is based on personal experiences of the author, Divya Anand, as a child. She too had curly hair and thus this book has that wonderful personal touch to the story.

Obviously for Myra the first thing that catches her attention is the illustrations in the book. And this book has lovely illustrations by Rujuta Thakurdesai. The pictures across the book are eye catching. The child is totally captivated by the pictures that very beautifully explain the gist of the story. In first 30 minutes of receiving the book, she must have read the book at least some 5 times, after which we had to tell her to sleep!

She was absolutely awed by the illustrations and kept talking about it even after lights out and well into the next day. The book has good rhyming making it even more interesting to little children.

“I hate my curly hair” is a wonderful learning for every child. The little girl in book has very curly hair, and is made fun of by her peers. She also finds them unmanageable and is very unhappy with them. She tries out very weird funny ways to make them straight. I could very closely relate to the character, not for my personal experiences but those of my friends and their children. She gets bullied in school because of this very reason.

But eventually she begins to love her hair. She realizes that she is only looking at their bad side, but there are so many reasons why her hair are awesome to.

And once she accepts her hair and loves them for what they are, she cannot any longer be bullied either. A very beautiful lesson I found here for children is that, you only get bullied when you think you are less than others or you lack something. If you absolutely and completely love yourself as you are, nobody can bully or harass you.

A very beautiful lesson in self love for children. Also since the media now a days puts so much emphasis on body image, this is something that will help dilute that. At one point in the book the little girl dreams of having smooth and silky hair like she saw on TV. Isn’t it so true for our children? To get influenced by a image created on TV and want that. This book is a beautiful step to shatter that image and tell your child “You are wonderful and amazing just the way you are!”

Books are a very beautiful way to teach children. I have seen it from my own experience, Myra may not remember what I keep telling her but she will always remember what she learnt in a story.

This book is most appropriate for children above 5. That is the time they get conscious about their appearance. Even older children going to school have a good learning to take away.

4 on 5 from me and my daughter 🙂

Do read it and share in the comments below how did your kids like it, would love to hear from you 🙂

I hate my curly hair a wonderful book to read for kids. A book review

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