It happened in Bengaluru by Absum – Book Review

It happened in Bengaluru by Absum is one of its kind book, absolutely unique. There is so much the author brings together in just one book. Totally loved the writing style. It is awesome how he conceived a story and a learning he wishes to share into a game of chess. I absolutely marvel the thought process of the author.

I am glad I came across this wonderful book. It teaches some awesome life lessons and also lessons on handling teams. The book is a work of fiction but by the time you finish it, you would be compelled to believe it actually happened!

If you are struggling at work or with your life mission, this book may give you some interesting insights. It connects wonderfully to the game of chess. Most of us have played some chess in life, but we would have never thought of these beautiful lessons that the game imparts.

The style of writing is very unique. I love how the story is narrated, making it so real, delivers awesome lessons and makes you wonder… is this really Just a story? I know I have said that twice now. But trust me, when I finished with the book, I actually turned the book for the mention that it is a fiction, which I eventually found.

It happened in Bengaluru is written as a first person account of the author. It relates to his friend Aryan, who is facing tough times at work. He is distressed due to his work situation. He is thinking of quitting when he receives a message from CB (chessboard). He is a passionate chess player. So the chessboard connects with him to inspire him to use learnings from the game of chess into his work life.

And then via CB he meets various mentors, other passionate chess players, who pass on some awesome teachings to Aryan, and in the process of reading the book to the reader as well. Of course the plot is not as simple as I made it sound. There are many twists and turns that hold your attention and keep you glued to the book till the end.

I have played a bit of chess, but I am sure there hardly maybe anyone who gave so much thought to the game to derive such meaningful lessons.

Even though this is a fictional story, the book has awesome learnings for every reader. It will make you rethink your life purpose and your ambitions. It also has some very awesome and simple insights for someone managing teams. It very beautifully describes how as a manger or team leader you are suppose to deal with the hierarchy, above as well as below you, so that organizational goals are met while meeting individual goals and aspirations.

It will be helpful to have a bit of knowledge of chess, but nothing very technical just the very basic knowledge.

I would say it is a must read. It happened in Bengaluru is a short around 200 page book that you can read over the weekend to entertain as well as educate yourself!

Do read and share your thoughts as well. You may buy the book


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