Leisure Pursuits aka Hobbies – How they enrich our life?

Leisure Pursuits aka Hobbies – How they enrich our life?

Hobbies make our life meaningful. All of us may not be lucky to be in a profession that is our passion too. So after a day of job a hobby is the perfect way to unwind.

Even if you are passionate about your job, having a favorite pastime adds variety and fun. Also sometimes in the pursuance of a hobby we may end up discovering an alternate profession!

I am a learner for life and hence my hobbies are unlimited. There are so many things that hold my fancy…. some I carry on and some get shelved for a while before life can give me more time to bring them back into my routine.

I love gardening and have an awesome collection of plants. I love to paint, but haven’t touched the canvas and my paints for a long time. I also love to craft. Giving shape to something beautiful fills me up with joy. I love classical Indian dances and have made attempts at kathak. Music also fills me with joy and I in particular love the guitar, and I have this one shelved for a while now.

Writing a blog was also something I initially did for leisure, but then I enjoyed it so much I decided to buy a hosting and have my own website.

I love reading books and I cannot end my day without a book.

I know my list of hobbies is long, in fact it is endless because every now and then something new attracts me and there I start.

Do you also have a hobby? Something you look forward to end of day or maybe the beginning….

What is a Hobby

According to the dictionary “hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”.

Some most popular hobbies are reading, cooking, gardening, travelling, crafting , music, video games, watching television, yoga, dance, etc.

As you would see some of the also have a physical benefit. Some would lead to a skill development and others are done purely for the pleasure derived out of it.

But here I would consider hobbies that are constructive, that lead to a beautiful end result. Say even a workout can be a hobby and it leads to better health. To my mind I would not call video games and television hobby. They are good for a short time entertainment, but they also have adverse impacts.

Benefits of Hobbies

  1. Time for self. The most beautiful benefit of a hobby is that it helps you make time for self. It helps you indulge in something you love doing and that is a beautiful way of expressing self love. By learning something new, creating something beautiful or just finishing a book that inspired you, it also results in a sense of accomplishment. Also it could be a great way of knowing yourself better, what you can accomplish.
  2. Give you a break from the mundane life. Having a hobby is an encouragement to take a break. It is a beautiful opportunity to take a break with a positive end result. If you are a person giving a lot of emphasis on productivity, you take a break while also being constructive.
  3. Hobbies can give you a taste of mindfulness without sitting for a meditation. Doing something that you love doing helps you go into a deep peaceful state. It brings you in the absolute present moment. For me my craft and painting are the most beautiful meditation. It absorbs me completely and time stands still. Though meditation too could be a hobby for some!
  4. Releases stress. Doing something you enjoy is also destressing. Making you mindful and bringing you in the present moment it also takes away thoughts that have been the cause of stress. It is the perfect way to relax. It makes you happy and joyful from deep within.
  5. Hobbies can also improve your health. Hobbies like gardening, dancing, yoga or a sport can give you the much needed workout without the overwhelm. Rather you would enjoy the process of working out.
  6. Hobbies help you meet new people. You become part of new communities. It helps you meet like minded people. Now a days even if you do not meet people physically, facebook is a great platform to meet people in groups where people share common interests.
  7. Hobbies give you new experiences and challenge you sometimes. Since the challenge is not work related it would make you enthusiastic and you would not be afraid of failure. It would give you an opportunity to come out of your comfort zone.
  8. By getting out of your comfort zone and doing things you did not thing you could it also helps you boost your self esteem and

Finding a hobby is not something you can force on to yourself. You have to like something enough to take it up as a hobby. The interest has to come from within. You may at times have to try various things and leave them to know what really you enjoy doing. The only way you can find a hobby is by being open to learn. You must not have a limiting belief that ” I cannot do xyz”. Trying new things only will help you discover what holds your interest.

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I am a health enthusiast, healer and an artist and apart for these most importantly i am mommy to an angel and wife to a gentleman. I use to teach management graduates but post my daughter happened my time at home gave me chance to explore my other passions. Now as she is 5 year old I am still not ready to leave her and return to work.

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