Love (Try) Angle By Manali Desai – Book Review

Love Triangle by Manali Desai

I rarely read these young adult kind of romance of late. I guess you may blame it on age…. once upon a time I used to love all kinds of romance… Rom com, romantic thriller, etc. Happened to read this interesting book by Manali Desai as part of the blog chatter program.

My first thoughts of the book were not very great. I guess that was because I was trying to read a fun book in a serious mode.. lol! But then I tried to take myself 20 years back and experienced the book as it would feel to its real audience. And when I thought from that angle I really thought the book was very good.

Love (try) angle by Manali Desai is a cute love triangle. In fact it really is not a triangle it is more of a confused young girl case who is being wooed by two extremely eligible bachelors.

Ayesha is newly shifted to Mumbai. She bumps soon into Viren and Abhi both of whom she likes for different reasons and of course they both like her back. Viren is her neighbour and supports her and her parents when they arrive in the city. Abhi whereas is his college senior and the initial impression was of an arrogant, handsome, rich boy.

Even though I say it a college romance, it is way better then most non sensical romances. Ayesha is not a damsel in distress for one.

This is the debut novel by Manali Desai and I think she has done an awesome job at how she weaved the story. It was fast paced and interesting all through. I look forward to reading more of her work.

At just 145 pages Manali Desai’s Love (try) Angle is an entertaining Saturday night read. It is also available for free on kindle unlimited if you are a subscriber or else you can purchase it here.

Do read and share how you liked the book. I would love to hear from you.

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