New to Motherhood – Dealing with Post Partum life!

Post partum is one of the most difficult times. Nothing prepares us what to expect when the baby comes. My daughter is 6 now and truly speaking in all the love I experienced these years, I have sort of forgotten the pain of those initial months.

Being a new mommy is an overwhelming experience. The love that fills your heart and the hormones that create a volcano of emotions. There are long days and longer nights. Being tired is really understood when you are a new mommy and you have no help.

But one also needs to know that this time would never come back. I am not trying to undermine the pain or the emotional chaos. All I am saying is that we must do our best, prepare ourselves to enjoy the little bundle of joy.

The child remains with us but that tiny baby is only so tiny for a little while. In no time they would turn a toddler and then you would be running behind them…. The baby is just a year…. And ask any mom, they would so want to hold the baby in their arms once more!

Preparing for Post Partum

From my own experience, this is one advice that I give to every new mom. Prepare for your postpartum journey before you deliver. I know we all plan the basics for the baby. The clothes, diapers, cot, pram, carrier, etc.

But what I specifically mean here is the emotional planning for yourself. Working on yourself. Creating that deep seat of balance so you can manage it all and experience the bliss.

The toughest task is of bringing up a child. You will have goals as high as sky and energy low. You will beat about yourself for not doing enough. Because for a mom the standards are very high from herself, leave aside the rest of the world.

So spend your pregnant days meditating and creating a rhythm that takes care of your emotions. It does not guarantee a smooth road, but it totally does help make you well equipped with what is going to come your way.

I meditated twice a day all of my pregnancy and continued after my daughter was born. It heled me deal with my emotions better. Meditation is a habit that will serve you for a long time. Do read this post if you are new to meditation.

Depending on your fitness do take walks or do a bit of yoga ( under guidance ). You have to be very careful as to what is allowed and not allowed during pregnancy. But yes if you can manage to do it, you will experience deep peace. And it lasts you beyond pregnancy.

Being a new mom

Be kind to yourself

Seek help from people around

If no help is available bring your expectations down.

Meditate! You can also meditate while breastfeeding your baby. I use to make time while she napped in the day. All you really need is 15 minutes.

Deep breathing. Pranayam is very very good for anxiety. And post partum brings a lot of anxiety. If you practice ujjai breath you will feel a calming wave sweep over you within a minute. You can follow this video to understand and practice ujjai breathing.

Once the doctor allows you, take small short walks. Get out of the house. It plays a big role in shifting your mood.

Nights are going to be really long sometime… hold on. Try finding a community for support. Facebook has many mom support communities.

Do not compare your journey to someone else.

Do not judge yourself. Every mom is the best.

Take 5 mins if not more to show some self love….. How? give yourself a hug and feel it from your heart. Read a book that uplifts you while you nurse. Massage your feet.

Breastfeeding is tough. It is best for your baby but even more important is a happy mama. So if you feel the need to give top feed…. do not kill yourself over it.

Sleep when you can. If you can make some work wait…. choose to sleep. Get help and sleep.

It may disturb to see the change your body has undergone. But look at the miracle that you created. A matter of time and some hard work will get you your pre pregnancy body.

It surely is a difficult journey. The happiness is overshadowed by the work that comes your way. While pregnancy is all about these wonderful hormones making you joyous… the onslaught of post partum hormones make you sad for no good reason.

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I am a health enthusiast, healer and an artist and apart for these most importantly i am mommy to an angel and wife to a gentleman. I use to teach management graduates but post my daughter happened my time at home gave me chance to explore my other passions. Now as she is 5 year old I am still not ready to leave her and return to work.

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