Tarot Guidance – What to Expect?

Tarot Guidance – What to Expect?

Tarot guidance is a beautiful divination tool to help you find answers. But the problem is many of us do not know what to seek or what to expect in a tarot reading.

Till I started reading tarot I was also not sure of this. Somehow people associate a sort of magic around tarot. Also I have found people are scared of a tarot reading, as if it is something evil. We expect a lady with a magicians robe or something. Some of the cards are such that they may scare an onlooker.

But really tarot is totally filled with positivity. For me I turn to tarot whenever life gets overwhelming. The kind of guidance that I get sometimes gets me surprised.

So what exactly does tarot do?

Tarot helps you find answers when you are feeling lost. It helps you get clear guidance when you are feeling indecisive. It is there to give you clarity and help and guide you like a friend and a guide.

What can I ask from the Tarot?

So you can ask anything from the tarot. I know lot of people also help you predict future using tarot. But in my opinion predicting future is not so simple. And why would you want to know the future. Rather why not seek direction with respect to the future you want. That ways you are taking the power back unto yourself. You are able to steer the boat in the direction you want.

Tarot guidance helps you take control of your life instead of life just happening to you.

So for example when I ask Will I succeed in XYZ? I am getting a decision as to what would be my future. Whereas when I say what can I do to improve my chances of success in XYZ…. you get the power back in you. The cards would guide you as to what you can do. And you would have a fair chance of giving it your best try.

So a tarot reading truly empowers you. It helps you come out of the indecisiveness and walk towards what you desire with confidence.

Lot of people seeking tarot guidance wonder how can a deck of cards guide you? Now the cards work on the principle of energy and faith. Doubt would obviously negate the energies and not help you get a good guidance.

Whenever we approach something with faith, it works. Faith is paramount especially in all healing modalities. And also the faith to accept what comes up for you.

I have been reading for two years now. It has not been a very long time, but it has been a beautiful journey. I connect to cards with my heart but I have no idea how the reading happens. My deck beautifully brings the most accurate guidance to the seeker, always. It has many a times helped look at an angle we are otherwise completely missing out on.

If you have not ever tried a tarot reading take one next time you feel indecisive, confused or are seeking answers. You would be thankful the tarot guidance as it would bring a new confidence in you in that overwhelming moment.

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