The Misters Kuru by Trisha Das – Book Review

The Misters Kuru by Trisha Das is perhaps one of the most off beat books that I have read in the recent times. I absolutely am in awe of the author for having conceived such a interesting and entertaining idea

The misters Kuru is the sequel to the Ms Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas. I have not read the first one but I am so happy I got to read this one. There is no mention of the first one here except for the fact that Draupadi has returned to earth and it has been an year. I surely can go back and read the first one and it had be as entertaining.

In fact that is totally on the top of my TBR after this one.

In the first book Draupadi gets bored of having stayed for a long time in the perfect heaven. She requests Krishna to send her to earth with her gang of women. I have no idea what happens after that but I am sure it must be great fun.

In this second book is where the five pandavas come to earth after Draupadi and their mother Kunti to take them back to heaven.

After the great war of Mahabaharta it is assumed that all Pandavas went to heaven. In heaven you are immortal and ageless. Life supposedly is very comfortable, at least so it is believed by most humans.

So Pandavas come to earth only for a month to take back Draupadi and Kunti.

The book is extremely amusing. Love how the Pandavas are taken aback with everything about the world. There are some exceptionally funny scenes but I would not like to spoil your fun of reading.

The end is totally awesome. I am sure most of you would guess a large part of it but there is something very delightful about how it comes through.

I also loved how the book talks about Draupadi finally standing up for herself. How she talks about all that was unfair to her in the time of Mahabharata. And also how most of the Pandava brothers and their mother connected with the pain that she underwent. And all of it in a light hilarious manner.

Another beautiful book that talks of Mahabharata from the eyes of Draupadi is The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Of course that book, much different than this one, only retells the story of Mahabarta with respect to feeling of Draupadi at various stages.

I love it how the authors now a days voice their opinion with respect to how it makes us as women feel for Draupadi or other similar characters from history and mythology ,with respect to what they went through. I absolutely love these extraordinary retellings by Indian authors.

Another beautiful thought that came to me while reading this book is that life is what we have on earth now. No heaven can give us the same happiness and fulfilment. And for now we really do not know where or what heaven is? All we need to do is to be aligned with our purpose on earth. Another beautiful movie Soul on Disney Hotstar revolves around the same Idea.

The Misters Kuru by Trisha Das is an exceptionally entertaining book. I loved reading it and I am sure you would too.

Do read and share how you liked this one. You may buy the book here.

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