The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.. Book Review

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.. Book Review

The lead character in this awesome book, the Rosie Project, Don is the most amusing and entertaining person ever. He is mechanical in his approach and cannot understand and make sense of emotions. He is an excellent learner and whatever he does, he does it to perfection. Everything he does or says is entertaining and delightful. He has his days planned to every second. Even his meals are pre planned to keep it all systematic and efficient. He is one of those rare characters that I completely fell in love with.

The Rosie Project is such a perfect elaboration of the fact that opposites attract. So Don has from his past relationships assumed himself incapable of finding a partner. He feels it is too time consuming and wasteful an activity. But then he arrives at the idea of taking it as a project and dealing it in a more methodical way so as to reduce the possibility of error. Being a scientist this approach appeals to him.

As a stroke of luck he meets Rosie who is everything he has listed his prospective partner not to be. She challenges his lifestyle and routine and disrupts it. And even then before he realises it he is involved in helping her locate her biological father. He is sure the only motivation behind doing so is to use his expertise(he excels in genetics) in a humanitarian way. And hence starts the Father project.

It is beautiful how love transforms an individual and brings out feelings they themselves aren’t aware they are capable of. And how love can happen at places we least expect it to.

After The Rosie Project, I cannot wait to read the sequels… Rosie result and Rosie effect, especially keen to read more of Don.

To meThe Rosie Project is definitely a 10 on 10. A light hearted reading which is romantic but not all mushy mushy. Something I am sure I would love to re read some day.


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