Turds of Gold by Jugal Mody – Book Review

Turds of gold is an entertainer all the way. I had never thought that I had enjoy a book on poop so much. Yes “poop” or rather not being able to poop is the central problem in the book.

Many books warm up after around 50 page, but this one had my keen attention right from the beginning.

Turds of gold is the story of Nikunj, a young college boy.

He is taking care of his dad who had an attack. And in the process he gets the opportunity to be a caretaker to some other people. This in time becomes a lucrative income source for him.

And then in time he realizes a superpower bestowed upon him. HE is able to help relieve people from the worst of constipations. In the process he meets Kalpeshbhai who is suffering from the worst ever constipation.

The events that follow will keep you glued to the book. Turds of Gold has mild humour that would not make you roll off the bed, but yet keep you amused all the while.

Even though the book is talking about poop, it is very clean.

I loved the writing skills of Jugal Mody the author of Turds of Gold and am totally looking forward to read more of his work. It is wonderful the plot he created, how he wrote the story. Each character is so beautifully described you cannot help but have vivid pictures in your mind as you read the book.

Also the characters are so ordinary you can relate to them. You get the vibe that it could be someone you know. The lives they lead, the thoughts and experiences they undergo, are so ordinary and relatable.

So despite the fact that the book has this superpower and talks of things on a different plane of experience, the characters in the book keep you connected.

Definitely a must read and can be an interesting and engaging weekend read. The pace of the book is good and I can assure you it would not leave you dissatisfied.

You may buy the book here on Amazon.

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