Why and How I started using Kindle (app)?

I always was anti e-books. I loved the smell and feel of an actual book. I loved to own a physical book and have it displayed on my book rack. I so much loved to collect them that you may call me a hoarder… I have so many that I yet could not find time to read. And ever since Myra was born it was becoming even more difficult to pick them up and no that did not stop me from buying 

So what really got me to try Kindle:

  1. I was surely in no mood for making a purchase for a device I totally did not believe in. So had it not been for the kindle app I would not have  tried it out for sure. So basically the app absolutely free to download on my tab and phone was a major motivation behind me starting to read a digital book.
  2. Also my “book” shelf was now Myra’s Montessori shelf (again because I was avoiding another investment I was not completely sure about). So as a result there was no space to keep the books. And thus I really did not see them any more 
  3. Also given the nature of our life, moving every two years, packing up frequently… I really was not sure where I was heading with the innumerable books.
  4. Also I was very frequently glued to my phone while nursing Myra. Many a times there was nothing to do online and I wished for a book. After she had slept I wanted to read and there was no bedside lamp and I was skeptical if having one may disturb her.
  5. So eventually the kindle app and another new book on my wish list pushed me to giving Kindle a try.
  6. And what was this book… The life changing joy of tidying up. Will do a detailed review how the book changed my life… but yes as far as books are concerned. Henceforth I shall buy a hard copy only if kindle is not available( which rarely is so). And yes for Myra at least for some time to come it is only going to be hard.

Reasons I fell in love with Kindle:

  • Reading on kindle was not half as bad as I had imagined. It was perhaps just a mind block. In fact it is so much fun to highlight and immediately share a snapshot of what you are reading with someone who might be interested. It is very easy to navigate through the book. the book would open at the very same place where I left last. And you can also read multiple books and they all will be book marked
  • And the best part was reading in the dark. You do not need any lights to help you read. Also you don’t need to carry a physical book everywhere. Mobile is something always with us. So whenever wherever I have time I can easily catch a few pages from the book. 

Kindle is an awesome reading experience! If you have any apprehensions keep them aside and just give it one shot. You too may fall in love with it like me:) And of course the free app is a very good way to give it a shot.

Many people feel that reading on mobile or tab strains the eyes. Luckily that did not happen for me. You can keep the lights on while you read. Also making the changes in the mobile screen helps make it a better experience.

Its been four years that I have been using the app and initially I did not have any plans of buying a kindle device. The app seemed to function very well and like I said carrying a mobile is something we rarely ever forget. Also I was still continuing with the hard copy of many a books.

But recently with reviews from many of my friends and fellow book nerds in the awesome groups that I am part of, I am getting lured to buy a Kindle device. Another thing is that I now really want to totally switch to soft copy of books. Started following the minimalist approach to living and though even more than kindle I would love a good library. But the kind of places we live in good library are mostly hard to find.

So if you are a book lover, and like me you cannot end the day without a good read and you want to reduce the clutter around your house – Go for Kindle!

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I am a health enthusiast, healer and an artist and apart for these most importantly i am mommy to an angel and wife to a gentleman. I use to teach management graduates but post my daughter happened my time at home gave me chance to explore my other passions. Now as she is 5 year old I am still not ready to leave her and return to work.

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