Yesterday’s Ghosts by Nikhil Pradhan

Yesterday’s Ghosts by Nikhil Pradhan

Yesterday’s Ghosts by Nikhil Pradhan is the story of four men in their sixties, who worked on a mission while they were in their 20’s. This book is a thriller so I would not talk too much about the storyline and reveal what it holds. I have had people do that and I know how it feels 🙁

The book starts with these four men under interrogation. They all had received some kind of coded communication which looked very mysterious. These men had not engaged with each other all these years after an unsuccessful mission that led to them being thrown out. Now someone, who seems to be associated with the same mission, is calling them back, to the place where the damage was done. The story is from there on filled with many a surprises.

Coming to my feelings about the book. I picked it up because it is a thriller. Now there was a bit of paranormal in the thriller, something had I known I may not have picked the book. There isn’t anything really scary about that though. It is just that I do not connect very well with paranormal. It just does not make sense to me.

The author has done a very good job with keeping the reader engrossed. So even though I was not 100% involved in the book, the last thrillers I read being Sydney Sheldon, I can say this is fairly good book. So even though the book was not totally my taste, I did not or rather could not leave this book unfinished.

For me. I did find the investigation a bit of a drag, I prefer books that go fast. But nowhere did I feel like doing away with the book midway. There was so much suspense built in, so many questions raised, that I felt compelled to go all the way up till the end.

Another good part was that each character was dealt with well. The writing is definitely very good. The story telling was also quite different. Mostly interview transcripts.

It definitely makes for a good weekend read. Just around 238 pages long the book will definitely keep you engaged and interested and would not take more than a couple of hours to finish. read more book reviews by me here.


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